2020 Visions.


2019 was another asskicker of a year, but shiiiit, I made it. But I also made this decade, and what a decade it was!

This past year and decade has ultimately taught me to seek joy at all times and that we’re invincible until it’s our time.

I went from touring as a background singer for other artists to touring 5 of 7 continents with my band (playing the hugest crowd ever — 100k+). I became SATE. I put out 2 independent albums, I shared the stage with some incredible acts, including my two of my all time favourite bands — Fishbone and Living Color. I’ve survived 10 trips around the sun, said goodbye to some people I never imagined I would, faced demons, found and lost people along the way, reached some incredible dream goals, and I’m still going. It’s a gift, this experience. I’ve dreamt the life I live for as long as I’ve know how to dream/what a dream is. I know that for as long as I’m here, there’s still more to enjoy, there’s more to experience, to reach, to manifest, to learn, to let go of, the say hello or goodbye to, there’s more, and every moment is a gift. Truly.

Thank you, Witches, Weirdos and Warriors for joining me on this journey, for sticking by, for pelting the love that you do, for inspiring me, for showing up, for reminding me. Always, in all ways. I intend to give you as much as you give me. I’ve got so much to give
To 2020 and beyond.

All my love,

S xx