alala: the goddess of the war cry


I chose Alala, actually she, goddess of the war cry, chose me.  She’s in my blood.

I reached out to photographer, Jen Toole, after I’d seen her shoot with a couple other friends of mine, and she sent me the list of Greek Goddesses that she still had to shoot, and Alala was the first that resonated.  I hesitated because, I feel like I always have my mouth open screaming fiercely, but I spent some time researching and she fit – she, her spirit is in my blood.  She has been with me my whole life, but in different names.  She is my mother, grandmothers, aunts, sister, and on and on, she is my ancestral lineage, so why would I deny her space in my body?

So here we are, preparing for battle.

makeup by Beth Cox // shoulder epaulettes by Aunt Funky’s Closet

Lookout for the book, The Goddess Array, coming soon.  For more information: