Black Women Rock – Pittsburgh

#BLACKWOMENROCK does Pittsburgh🌪
🌪 very few times in your life do you get the chance to honour a living hero and icon who has inspired you to your core. one who when you discover them for yourself, they fanned a fire in you that you thought was only yours. we are never alone in our weird, our fierce or our desires to break the mould, we just have to find our tribe. in Betty Davis, i found my tribe. in Betty Davis, i was affirmed and inspired. .
I’m excited to play in the August Wilson Arts Center in Pittsburgh (city of bridges), hometown of the queen herself, Betty Davis. moved. inspired. giddy. emo. awed. pinching myself. proud. I’m sharing the stage with another legend, Nona (fkn) Hendryx (!!!) and my sisters in rock Militia Vox, Jessica Care Moore, Steffanie Christi’an, Kimberley Nichole, Ideeyah & Nik West for Betty.