living my best mf life


There’s something about having a place to release.

There’s something about having ritual.

There’s something about being a vessel to allow spirit to flow.


Between last night and tonight, there were so many majickal moments of deep release, sacred ritual and being a vessel to allow spirit to flow through me, but these dudes, my dudes, holding me down onstage coaxing, coercing and supporting me every step of the way. To stand onstage with them, to witness them, to flow with them, to exchange this electric energy with them — is something I can’t even really explain — it’s a something you’d have to witness what/how we do (or I’d have to send you the feeling telepathically). Either way, you’d have to be in it and feel it. It’s majick and I’m so grateful that I get to do this/feel this over and over again. Fuck, yes. Feeling gushy.

So, huuuge thank you fuckos Wade O Brown, Tony Rabalao, Ben Healey & Juwayon Clarke (newnewguy) (this includes you too Piotr & Matthieu) thank you for making this first leg, a mf dream come true — it’s only the beginning!
Yes, the fuck I’m living my best mf life. SEEE?