Pack Light.


Sooooooo excited to hit the road (two days!), but lately I’ve been getting a little anxious around packing and making sure I have all I need — having nightmares and shit — and then there’s this energy in the air around letting go of what no longer serves — things, people, narratives — these two words LETTING GO have been spilling out of mouths for months now, actually, ebbing and flowing, but it’s hella strong now. #Scorpio season is intensifying it by leading us down into the underworld for rebirth/renewal/release, on top of that, the veil is thin (geez all the feels). I’m feeling so fragile and permeable, yet courageous, clear and focused. And then my sister just reminded me that “I am enough and I have everything I need.”(for my trip) — I texted her back with a picture of my tattoo that reads “I am enough”

Indeed I am.


…with all that said — FRANCE!! Are. You. Ready!? 🇫🇷 We are coming with 🔥⚡️🗡
07.11 CLEON
09.11 LE MANS
16.11 AMIENS

photo: @jentoole
makeup: @aphrobet
shoulders: @auntfunkyscloset
cuff: @stay_relevant

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