BLOG: REDBLACK&BLUE is HERE! Now, let’s celebrate!

Dear Warriors,
Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for.  REDBLACK&BLUE is here and she running wild.  There are so many people that put their blood, sweat & tears into making this become the wild child that it is!  Tom McKay took my ideas, my craziness and made it come out sounding like fire — he produced, co-wrote, played bass and made my dream come into focused reality.  My manager Click, that guy that stood (and still does) by my side through everything, pushing me and supporting me through everything.

The musicians that made what I heard and felt in my soul, come alive:  Ricky Tillo, Tony Rabalao, Joel Joseph, Adrian X, Darren Glover and of course, Tom.  My Warriors Of Vocal Destruction, that held me down on vocals:  Divine Brown, Melanie Durrant, Gary Beals, Wade O Brown, Kirt Godwin, Emma-Lee, Hill Kourkoutis, Miku Graham, Aisha Petrie, Michael Shand, Hector Johnson, Scott McCord, Vaness, Christine Hamilton, Alana Bridgewater, Gavin Hope, Jennie Laws.  The behind the scenes guys, that polished (not too much) the music to make it sound grimy and sparkling:  Vic Florencia, Dan Miller, Phil Demetro, Cory Barnes.  The incredible folks that made all the visuals pop off the page (from the album artwork to the videos):  Garnet Armstrong, Jason Darbyson, Che Kothari, Roxanne DeNobrega, Jeannette Linton, Glen Simmons, Cahzmere, Mark Valino, Jerisse DeJuan, Ramon Charles.  The writers that made my crazy ideas come to life:  Hill Kourkoutis, Clifton Hyde, Tim Abrahams, Rob Szabo, Mike Schlosser, Scott McCord, Amalia Townshend.  My boys! Yes, the boys in my band that make this music come alive!  Who’ve taken it and lifted me to the next level:  Wade O Brown, Kirt Godwin, Alex St. Kitts and Tony Rabalao. The Canadian funding organizations, that without them, a lot of this would not be possible:  FACTOR, Toronto Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, OMDC, Canada Music Fund.And YOU, my Warriors!  Without you, I’d be singing to no one.  You all have supported me on this journey, this transition and welcomed me, period.  You’ve pledged, you’ve come out to shows, you’ve sent me messages and I hold each and everyone of you so dear to this process, and this music, to me.

I love you from the bottom of my heart and I can’t wait to get this show on the road!

First stop, Toronto, let’s celebrate!   See you on the 16th.

peace, love, dirty rock & spirit guides,