We danced the sidewalk clean…

I’ll admit, I was never a fan of The Tragically Hip, “New Orleans Is Sinking” was the only song of theirs that I connected to, but I respected them for what they contributed to the country.  It really wasn’t until I listened to The Strombo Show’s HIP30 tribute, where a diverse collection of artists from across Canada did their own takes on The Tragically Hip’s catalog, as a tribute to the band. I always find that hearing other people’s take on the music, other people who adore the music, a beautiful entrance into the music.  And I found that with this tribute.

This tribute was underway before the band made an announcement that their lead singer, Gord Downie was dying from brain cancer and the band would be doing a final tour across Canada.

I was honoured to be asked to put myself onto this song.  I always heard it swampy, like New Orleans.  I hope Gord & the band liked it when they heard it.

Unfortunately, Gord passed away October 17th, 2017.  But music, lives forever.  Thanks for everything, Gord.

peace, love, dirty rock & spirit guides,