Off To France!


Me and the boys are bringing some sweaty, greasy, dirty to France.

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“Feel” is being featured on Ebro’s show TONIGHT @ 6:55pm EST for his Discovered on Apple Music.

So basically, the show is rooted in new music discovery being an exciting and key element of the Apple Music ecosystem, the Discovered on Apple Music feature is selected by the Beats 1 New York team and introduced to the world Monday-Thursday at 6:55pm EST. Selections are generally emerging or niche artists curated from Apple Music. This ecosystem play allows fans to hear it first on Beats 1 and then instantly locate the track for purchase or streaming. The song receives a spin during the original airing of the show in addition to a spin during the encore presentation of the show the following morning at 6:55am EST.

Wheeeee! Thank the universe for blessings.  Tune in here:


BLOG: My Daddy, My Warrior.

With George Clinton and Corey Glover (Living Colour)

Dear Warriors,

This past weekend was bittersweet.

Thursday night I told my father that I was heading to New York to play a big show for Afropunk. I asked him to wait for me. I asked him to promise me that he would wait, and he did. While at AFROPUNK, I held the spirit of my father with me and I was embraced by so much love. SO much love, you all don’t even know HOW much life you all gave me.

When Norwood (bassist from Fishbone) asked me to join the band for the epic SuperJam witFishbone/Living Colour/BadBrains and eventually George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, I jumped without hesitation. Fishbone and Living Colour are HUGE influences in who I am and why I am, so to be onstage with my idols was beyond what words can convey. I had no clue that George Clinton was joining, but when he did, it was full circle because aside from a shitload of jazz, blues and rock & roll, my father loved Funkadelic and had relationships with the late Gary Shider & Bernie Worrell.

This was a dream, a realization, a remembrance, an affirmation and so much more. Thank you Norwood Fisher, Angelo Moore, Corey Glover and Living Colour, Bad Brains, Kam Franklin (The Suffers), George Clinton and everyone/thing else involved to make this moment what it was.

My father, Howard Berkley Matthews, passed peacefully in his sleep on August 31, 2016.

photo by Gaelle Beri (Live Nation TV)

Taking on AFROPUNK! [in t minus 14 days]


Catch me August 27th at 3.45PM on the Green Stage.  And after, I’ll give you a sweaty hug (if you want one) and you can buy a CD, a shirt and get a button to take home with you…kinda like taking me home.

SATE featured in Revelist “7 reasons why Black Women can’t rock”

PlayTooMuch copy

Toronto rock musician SATE released her album “Red, Black, & Blue to critical acclaim earlier this year. However, it’s not easy for black female rockers like her to get the recognition they deserve.

SATE has expressed her frustration at being expected to sing soul, R&B, or jazz instead of rock music.  Other Black female rockers have also been told they don’t fit the bill because they “aren’t marketable” or because it was “too inappropriate.”

Yet Black women have been a part of the genre since the beginning, and many talented musicians have continued rocking out to this day.

So let’s look at the reasons why people think Black women can’t rock. And melt some faces too, shall we?

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BLOG: REDBLACK&BLUE is HERE! Now, let’s celebrate!

Dear Warriors,
Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for.  REDBLACK&BLUE is here and she running wild.  There are so many people that put their blood, sweat & tears into making this become the wild child that it is!  Tom McKay took my ideas, my craziness and made it come out sounding like fire — he produced, co-wrote, played bass and made my dream come into focused reality.  My manager Click, that guy that stood (and still does) by my side through everything, pushing me and supporting me through everything.

The musicians that made what I heard and felt in my soul, come alive:  Ricky Tillo, Tony Rabalao, Joel Joseph, Adrian X, Darren Glover and of course, Tom.  My Warriors Of Vocal Destruction, that held me down on vocals:  Divine Brown, Melanie Durrant, Gary Beals, Wade O Brown, Kirt Godwin, Emma-Lee, Hill Kourkoutis, Miku Graham, Aisha Petrie, Michael Shand, Hector Johnson, Scott McCord, Vaness, Christine Hamilton, Alana Bridgewater, Gavin Hope, Jennie Laws.  The behind the scenes guys, that polished (not too much) the music to make it sound grimy and sparkling:  Vic Florencia, Dan Miller, Phil Demetro, Cory Barnes.  The incredible folks that made all the visuals pop off the page (from the album artwork to the videos):  Garnet Armstrong, Jason Darbyson, Che Kothari, Roxanne DeNobrega, Jeannette Linton, Glen Simmons, Cahzmere, Mark Valino, Jerisse DeJuan, Ramon Charles.  The writers that made my crazy ideas come to life:  Hill Kourkoutis, Clifton Hyde, Tim Abrahams, Rob Szabo, Mike Schlosser, Scott McCord, Amalia Townshend.  My boys! Yes, the boys in my band that make this music come alive!  Who’ve taken it and lifted me to the next level:  Wade O Brown, Kirt Godwin, Alex St. Kitts and Tony Rabalao. The Canadian funding organizations, that without them, a lot of this would not be possible:  FACTOR, Toronto Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, OMDC, Canada Music Fund.And YOU, my Warriors!  Without you, I’d be singing to no one.  You all have supported me on this journey, this transition and welcomed me, period.  You’ve pledged, you’ve come out to shows, you’ve sent me messages and I hold each and everyone of you so dear to this process, and this music, to me.

I love you from the bottom of my heart and I can’t wait to get this show on the road!

First stop, Toronto, let’s celebrate!   See you on the 16th.

peace, love, dirty rock & spirit guides,


BLOG: Getting Sated, The Wolf & Other Road Stories

Our last night in Cleveland


Well, it’s taken a while, but me and the boys are home from tour!  We had one amazing adventure and met so many great people along the way.  We drove nearly 2,000 miles starting in Toronto to Hamilton then Kingston to Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and then right back home.
We shared the stage with incredible bands and some new musician friends — The Damn Truth, Seb Black, Black Void, Divinity Roxx, Sandflower, Vorasek and more.  And of course, had some crazy movie worthy experiences — which I’m gonna recap in bullets:
  • late night shawarma and deep conversations with the drunk on his bicycle in Hamilton
  • hanging with Bill Welychka (from Much Music back in the day — Much Music is Canada’s MTV) and all the robot operated cameras in television studio in Kingston
  • playing Le Loup Garou — The Werewolf in english + the search for an after hours in Montreal
  • sharing cookies on our day off in Albany, NY on Wolf Road
  • our 3 day stint in our wicked airbnb loft where we took a late night walk to a damn near empty dancefloor except for a shoulder shaking happy lone dancer who eventually made us get up and dance + the early morning rooftop jam session where we had to remove a stake of wood from Kirt’s foot + playing the Gibson Guitar Showroom in New York.  Playing the infamous, Pianos on the Lower East Side, parking beside Wolf Night and our soundman named Wolff.
  • when Wade’s phone & passport went driving off and then we miraculously found them (there is so much more to the story, but it’s way too long for here) + eating pizza slices the size of a newborn baby + running the Rocky stairs in Philly
  • playing at Pat’s In The Flats (where The White Stripes played their first gig outside of Detroit), meeting 75 year old Pat who runs the bar by her damn self (Pat just lost her dog, that was half husky and half wolf) + then playing another bar up the street cause we were fired up in Cleveland.

Wolves and all, it was an amazing and bonding great time and we really can’t wait to get back on the road.

Now, I’m gearing up for the release of my album RedBlack&Blue on June 10th!  But check it, today is the beginning of the pre-order on iTunes!  With the pre-order of the album, you get ‘Know My Name’ as a download and there’s a bonus track included on the iTunes version.
So go on, get to pre-ordering, here:
Also, my store is open!  You can buy tshirts and rock my name across your chest, so that people know my name 😉
Stay tuned for upcoming dates and more wickedness by signing up to my mailing list here:
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!
peace, love, dirty rock & spirit guides,
S xo

Know My Name Tour

Warriors! Me and the boys are heading out on the road again for the KNOW MY NAME tour! And this time we’re hopping the border for a few. For updates, keep an eye on Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter [@stateofsate].

Tell your family and tell your friends to come out — we wanna get sweaty and rock the house with y’all.

xo S

#KnowMyNameTour #justbeenSATEd




Welcome to my brand spanking new website, where you’ll find my goings on and this bitty blog where I can (and will) get deep.

If you’re new or you’ve been here all along, keep a lookout for upcoming tour dates and a new album coming out.

Stay tuned for some more cool shit.

peace, love, dirty rock & spirit guides,

S xo